Coronavirus can be transmitted to the baby in the womb!

The head of the branch of the Turkish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics in Antalya, as well as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and perinatology, Professor Dr. Selahattin Kumru, said that there is very little data on pregnancy problems caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Although some research has been devoted to this topic in the past, new developments that have emerged in 2020 have made their changes. Speaking about the coronavirus, which has already caused more than 50 million people and more than 1 million deaths worldwide, Dr. Kumru added: “It was previously reported that the coronavirus is not transmitted to the unborn. However, with the latest data, it became clear that the coronavirus receptors (the parts of the virus that it uses to attach) were found in the placenta. It was also revealed that the virus itself has also been detected in the placenta of some infants.”

The head of the Turkish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Antalya branch, Professor Dr. Selahattin Kumru, said that there is a possibility of transmission of the coronavirus from the mother to the baby. Dr. Kumru reported on the latest research data, and also warned expectant mothers about this.

Cases of transmission of the virus through the mother’s blood were detected in Peru and France

Dr. Kumru said that viruses of the same family of SARS and MERS were more often detected in the blood at one time, which suggested that they could be transmitted to the fetus through the mother’s blood. Regarding the new coronavirus, he added: “Although the fact that the coronavirus is detected less frequently in the mother’s blood makes people think that the risk of blood transmission is low, in fact, this probability still exists. Recently, cases of mother-to-fetus transmission of coronavirus have been reported in Peru and France. That is why the probability of transmission of the virus still has a place to be. Tests of the immune system of babies have already given the first cases of positive results for diseases associated with the coronavirus. Cases of infection are confirmed.”

As for what to do in the case of transmission of the coronavirus from the mother to the fetus, we will help to understand a recent study conducted by the International Union of Perinatology, headed by a Turkish surgeon. It states that the coronavirus causes problems such as premature birth and low birth weight. Therefore, in the case of infection with coronavirus, the child should be seriously examined. It was reported that in the case discovered in France, the fetus also had neurological symptoms. Therefore, it is useful to be careful. There are also drugs used to prevent the disease COVID-19. New studies of the drug Chloroquine have been published. Chloroquine has previously been used for rheumatic diseases. Currently, although in small quantities, there is also information that the use of this drug in early pregnancy can also increase the risk of such prenatal fetal abnormalities as kidney problems, cleft palate or cleft lip and heart disease. Of course, even if the positive effects of this drug outweigh the risks, in cases of pregnancy, you should not forget about their existence.

Pregnant women who contracted coronavirus

Compared to the rest of the patients, pregnant women have a higher risk of lung problems, and therefore they may need artificial ventilation more than others. Therefore, Dr. Kumru added, pregnant women who have contracted the coronavirus should be closely monitored by doctors. The spread of coronavirus is not an obstacle to becoming a mother, but to avoid the risk of infection, pregnant women should carefully observe the rules of social distancing, mask mode, and hygiene. (DHA)

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