Ectopic Pregnancy – Causes and Treatment Methods
December 10, 2023
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January 28, 2024
Ectopic Pregnancy – Causes and Treatment Methods
December 10, 2023
Common Pain and Complaints of Pregnancy
January 28, 2024

Pregnancy Process - Baby Development by Months

The pregnancy process is a process that must be learned correctly in order for healthy individuals to be born. Learning the process correctly will enable parents to get answers to their questions, while contributing to their knowledge and comfort in what to do in different periods.

For a healthy pregnancy, it is necessary to know the condition of the wellbeing of the fetus every week and month. Healthy pregnancy requires regular nutrition, regular sleep, regular life, as well as accurate maternal knowledge about all these processes.

The gestation process is divided into 3 periods, each of which consists of 13 weeks. These periods are called trimesters. The first three months of pregnancy is called as the first trimester, is the period when the baby's organ development is completed and the mother tries to adapt to the pregnancy process. The second three months is called as second trimester. In second trimester fetus continues to develop and the mothers usually feel perfect in this period of pregnancy. The third 3 months of pregnancy is called as the third or last trimester. In this period fetus completes it’s development in the mother womb. Back pain, sleepless and some small complains begin in this period. At he and of this trimester fetuses are ready to live in the outside of the uterus and in our world.

Image-1: Baby development during pregnancy


According to experts, the onset of pregnancy is considered the first day of the last menstrual period. Pregnancy normally lasts 40 weeks (280 days). If the egg, which matures after the last menstrual bleeding, enters the uterine tubes between the 11th and 21st days on average and encounters the sperm, fertilization (sperm entering the egg and transferring genetic information) occurs.

1st Month – Embryo Perfect Start

The fertilized egg, moves through the fallopian tubes towards to the uterus and settles in the uterus. The implantation of the embryo in the uterus is called implantation. During this period, the baby is attached to the uterine wall in the form of a ball called a blastocyte. At the end of this period, when the placenta that will feed the baby is formed, the baby's length is around 1-2 mm. As a result of the pregnancy test, it is understood that the mother is pregnant. Pregnancy may not be observed in ultrasonography performed in the first month. The embryo can be viewed at the earliest 5-6 weeks.

Organs begin to develop in the embryo, which is constantly developing. Towards the end of the month, three important parts of the brain begin to form. The heart is formed. Eyes, ears, digestive system begin to form. The spine is formed.

2nd Month – Organs Are Developing Rapidly

Its head is larger than its body. Its brain continues to grow rapidly in the skull, which continues to develop and is transparent. The first blood vessels are formed in the placenta and embryo. The circulatory system continues to develop. His heart pumps blood, even though his voice is not yet heard.

The locations of their organs begin to appear. Their arms, hands, legs, and feet take shape and become prominent. Eyelids begin to form, ears, upper lip and tip of the nose begin to take shape. Their developing fingers are webbed.

Internal organs such as the stomach, intestines and kidneys continue to develop. The lung has begun to form.

It is too early to find out the sex of the genitals, while they are developing.

3rd Month – Fetal Period

In the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, embryo is very sensitive to radiation, drugs, toxic substances and infection. While the mother should be careful in every period of pregnancy, she should be more careful during this period.

From the 10-12th week, the embryo begins to be called a fetus, as it begins to resemble a baby.

Vital organs continue their formation and development. The growth of the fetus is accelerated. The genitals develop rapidly.

In the 12th week, the embryo, whose kidneys work better, begins to produce urine and the produced urine is emptied into the amniotic fluid and the continuity of the fluid is ensured. The eyelids, which have entered the shape, are closed. The webbed fingers and toes are separated from each other. He begins to perform some small movements. Tooth buds have begun to form and the brain continues to develop rapidly.

At the end of the 3rd month, it reaches a length of approximately 12 cm and a weight of 100 g.

4th Month – Gender Can Be Seen

By the 4th month, the risks of the first trimester period for the mother and baby are overcome.

It is possible to find out the sex of the baby from the 14th week. When viewed with ultrasound, the movements of the fetus can be noticed by the mother between the 16th and 20th weeks, although the movements can be seen in the previous weeks.

The reproductive, musculoskeletal and skeletal systems continue to develop. It often has bouts of hiccups. His face has become very prominent. The nails began to form and it began to suck her fingers.

Towards the end of the month, it has reached the size of an orange. At the end of the 4th month, it reaches a length of about 16 cm and a weight of 300 g.

5th Month – Intensive Bone Development and Mobilization

It is the period when development is concentrated in the bones. He is very mobile and performs kicking, turning and displacement movements.Its thin hair has grown. Its skin is covered with an oily layer called "vernix caseosa". Since this is the period when the brain-ear connection takes place, it begins to hear sounds.

6th Month – Sense of Taste Develops

The fetus quickly gains weight. The sense of taste improves. As taste buds begin to appear on the tongue, the potential to distinguish sweet, bitter and sour tastes occurs.

The bone marrow begins to produce blood cells.

7th Month – Opening of Closed Eyes

Its brain is well developed and has taken the form of an adult's brain. Thumb sucking is among the activities it does regularly. Lung and liver development continues. Closed eyes begin to open and close at the end of the 7th month. It sleeps and wakes up regularly.

8th Month – Final Preparation for the Outside World

The sense organs are well developed. They are sensitive to surrounding sounds. Quickly gains weight. Its brain matures more. It has gained great control over his body functions. Since it occupies a lot of space in the uterus, their mobility decreases compared to previous periods.

9th Month – Ready to Give Birth

It is the period when the baby completes its development and is ready for birth. Its length is 50 cm and its weight is around 3000 g.

If a comfortable pregnancy picture is desired in the above-mentioned periods, your doctor will provide you with the most accurate information. According to your doctor's information, you able to have a comfortable pregnancy period.

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