Pregnancy and Myoma – Risks, Follow-up and Treatment
January 28, 2024
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Pregnancy and Myoma – Risks, Follow-up and Treatment
January 28, 2024
Hydrosalpinx – Fluid Accumulation in the Fallopian Tubes and Risks
January 30, 2024

Trimester - 3 Month Periods During Pregnancy

One of the words that parents will hear with the pregnancy process is trimester. In order for the pregnancy period to be passed comfortably and consciously, and for the process to be known and managed correctly by the parents, it is necessary to have sufficient information about the trimester periods.

The pregnancy process is handled and followed in divided periods. The development process of the baby, the status of the pregnancy, the risks that may occur are examined according to these periods. These periods are called trimesters. Trimester means "3 months" in Latin and is used to name trimesters during pregnancy.

Pregnancy consists of three trimesters. The first trimester period deals with the process of development of the embryo towards the fetus. The second trimester is a period in which the baby develops rapidly. The third trimester period is the process leading to birth, when the baby begins to complete its development.

1st Trimester – First 13 Weeks of Pregnancy

The first trimester is the first trimester of pregnancy. It covers the period of 0-13 weeks. It is the period when the abrasion settles in the uterus and pregnancy begins. It is the period when organs begin to form and the mother tries to adapt to the process.

In this period the risk of miscarriage is high, especially risky pregnant women should be followed closely.

The formation and development of the basic organs has begun. It is the sensitive period that needs attention, and the embryo is very sensitive the teratogens.

The baby's heart and circulatory system are formed and the heart has started to beat.

Its head is larger than its torso, and its brain is rapidly developing within its transparent skull.

The respiratory and digestive systems are developing.

The baby's facial features also begin to become evident and the eyes move towards their normal position on the face. The inner structure of the ear is formed. The mouth, nose and ear holes become visible.

The fingers of the baby, whose hands, arms and feet continue to develop, are separated from each other towards the end of the period.

The first trimester period is the period when the presence of chromosomal diseases is screened by looking at the nuchal translucency, other ultrasonographical signs of the baby and maternal serum tests.


Image-1: Trimester periods during pregnancy


With the change in the hormonal balances of the mother, the process of physical and mental adaptation to pregnancy has also begun.

This period is the process of adapting to pregnancy physically and mentally for the expectant mother. Problems such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, sleep and fatigue, constipation, emotional changes, and frequent urination may manifest themselves during this period.

2nd Trimester – 14-27 Weeks of Pregnancy

The second trimester period is starting from the 14th week of pregnancy and continuing until the 27th weeks. It is the most comfortable period when the mother adapts to pregnancy physically and mentally.

The development of the baby is accelerated during this period.

The eyes are located at the point of the face where they should be and the eyelids are formed.

The layer called vernix covers the baby's skin, protecting the skin and providing heat balance.

As the baby grows, the oil layer on its skin increases and there are fine hairs called "lanugo" on his pink skin.

Since the genitals become evident during this period, their gender can be learned.

The development process of hair, nails and eyebrows continues.

As their muscular system continues to develop rapidly, it can be felt by the mother.

It is the period when the baby can perceive the outside world and is sensitive to sounds.

The sense of taste develops. Since taste buds begin to appear on his tongue, he can distinguish between bitter, sweet and sour.

Triple and quadruple screening tests can be performed during this period.

For the mother, this period is a more comfortable period than the first period. The belly of the mother, whose milk ducts have developed, has also become more prominent. However, heartburn, constipation, skin problems, cramps can also be seen during this period.

3rd Trimester – Last Period of Pregnancy

It is the last period from the 28th to the 40th week of pregnancy.

The baby's brain is well developed.

Lung and liver development continues.

As his eyes began to open and close, he began to sleep and wake up regularly.

The baby's movements are stronger, but it is a period in which there is a decrease in his movements as its area shrinks.

Towards the end of the period, the development of all organs are completed and ready for birth.

During this period, the mother may experience problems such as stomach problems, shortness of breath, constipation, cramps, skin problems, sleep problems, low back pain, vaginal discharge.

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