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February 26, 2023
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Fibroid Surgery
February 26, 2023
What Is Placenta Previa
May 28, 2023

What Are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor exercises, are exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, consisting of repetitive contractions and relaxations. Regular pelvic floor exercise, especially during pregnancy and menopause, strengthens the muscles in the area and makes them work better.

We can answer the question of what Kegel exercises are exercises that develop the pelvic floor muscles. It's not just women who wonder what Kegel exercises are. In this context, it is recommended that not only women but also men should do Kegel exercises. Pelvic floor disorders are conditions that require Kegel exercises to be performed.

Applying Kegel exercises will produce different positive results in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders that cause different problems in women and men.

Kegel exercises in men help with:

  • Premature ejaculation,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Prostate disease.

In women:

  • Pregnancy,
  • Birth,
  • Uterus,
  • Bladder,
  • Bowel.

What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles and What Do They Do?

The Pelvic floor is the name given to the muscles that support the bladder, rectum and reproductive organs. The pelvic floor, which has a hammock-shaped structure, provides support to the spine and pelvic girdle. In addition to supporting the organs, it ensures that the structures here continue their duties in a regular manner. These functions are realized by relaxation and contraction.

Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for preserving the anatomical structures of the pelvic organs and other important functions such as straining, urination and defecation at all stages of human life. For this reason, it is crucial to maintain a good health of pelvic floor muscles. It is extremely important that the pelvic floors perform their correct functions. If these functions do not work properly, various disorders may occur continuously.

How to Find Pelvic Floor Muscle?

To do Kegel exercises, you need to know the pelvic floor muscles very well. Knowing exactly how the muscles work will allow you to have a good workout. The easiest way to discover the muscles is to suddenly stop urinating while urinating and then start again. The muscles that contract while holding urine form the pelvic floor muscles. Again, the muscles used to compress the index finger inserted into the vagina are the pelvic floor muscles.

What Is Pelvic Floor Disorder?

Pelvic floor disorder significantly affects living conditions and needs to be treated. This situation, which is experienced due to the weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, can also occur due to the high activity of the muscles.

Pelvic floor disorders affecting approximately 65% of Turkey; urinary incontinence, sudden urgency, constipation, chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction. It is recommended that patients who encounter these situations should consult a physician. Risk factors for pelvic floor disorders include:

  • Advanced age,
  • Smoking,
  • Vaginal birth,
  • Obesity,
  • Hysterectomy,
  • Connective tissue disorder,
  • Pelvic floor traumas,
  • Parity.

What Is Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation?

Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a process that includes different methods and eliminates discomfort. In this context, a strategy to improve functions is implemented. These strategies are as follows:

  • Education of the patient is an educational process that aims to raise awareness of the patient.
  • It is aimed to relax the muscles by using manual techniques.
  • Muscle stimulation is a highly effective treatment for muscle strengthening in case of muscle weakness in the pelvic floor.
  • Biofeedback therapy involves patients learning how to contract and relax their muscles by targeting neuromuscular training.
  • Postural stabilization is a process that aims the diaphragms to work in synergy.
  • Breathing exercises are done to relax the muscles.

In Which Situations Are Kegel Exercises Done?

One of the treatment methods for pelvic floor disorders is Kegel exercises. In general, Kegel exercises are recommended first for individuals with this type of disorder. Kegel exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.



If the woman has had a difficult birth, multiple birth and multiple pregnancies; It can be applied especially in cases where there is urinary incontinence during coughing, sneezing, straining, increased abdominal pressure and orgasm problems. Women with these problems can incorporate Kegel exercises into their daily routine. Performing Kegel exercises regularly in daily life prevents the genital structures from loosening at a high rate during menopause.

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